Hope Peace

We know that two Japanese persons were killed (Online video only says so) by some Muslim entities and activities, so called ISIS. I have these opinions shown below. First of all, speaking clearly, Japanese folks should shut up their mouths. Keep calm. Third party’s issue, not your issue. There are a lot of things which you can not understand, because of the lack of accurate information, in the world – so, please do not tell anything which information were stem from unknown resources. I can not understand typical Japanese persons’ behaviours which are akin to masturbation of pouring senseless opinions on the internet, depending on the others’ attitudes only. ISIS is like a weird religion which was once called “Aum Shinrikyo (OHM)”, originally came from Mahayana Buddhism and Japanese Buddism. You know that “Aum (OHM)” did Subway Sarin Gas Attack 20 years ago or around at Tokyo Metro Subway. If Muslims might say, “All the Japanese persons and Buddhists are CRAZY because of Aum (OHM)” ,and then, all the Japanese and all the Buddhists will be got frustrated, as a matter of course, because it was a cult. You can just imagine how most of Muslims will think about ISIS, by considering about cult, Aum (OHM). From the time of Gulf War, I thought about Islam – actually from when I was a high school student. In my humble opinion, most of the Mid-East confrontations were originally derived from the history of old days of colonial, actually by Great Britain. I think that people should solve the problem by themselves, not depending upon other countries. However, we, the Japanese – (Thai people for example) – are mostly Buddhists. I think that Buddhists can do and give another best way to solve the issues of Islamic countries and Christian countries, by becoming independent and keeping fair / good position from both of them. I can not say that a religion which had caught (grab) the hearts of over billions of people’s minds is a weird religion. As Buddhists, we can do a lot of things, in fair way, to the world – as one of populated and good religion like Islam, I believe. Hope peace.

ムスリムの新興勢力による様々な活動によって貴い命が奪われた(画像上)と言う事を聞いていますが、私は以下の見解を持っています。ハッキリ言えば、日本人は騒ぎすぎです。靜かにしてほしいと思います(Shut Up!)。第三者の事なのだし、当事者にしか解らない事の方が世の中には圧倒的に多いのだから、日々の仕事や勉強を頑張っていれば良いでしょう?しゃしゃり出た挙げ句に、自分の主義主張を他人と言う媒介に「依存しながら」自慰的な発言する意味が私には理解できないです。ムスリムの新興勢力は、分かりやすく言えば、大乗仏教や日本の仏教の「異端」であったオウム真理教の様なものです。もし、オウム真理教を指して、「仏教徒は<皆さん>頭がおかしい!」と、ムスリムの方々に名指しで言われたら、多分我々腹立たしく感じるでしょう。そういう卑近な例を持って、「相手の事・立場を考える」と言うのは大事だろうと思います。湾岸戦争の頃から、イスラム教の事は気になっていました、当時私は高校生でしたが、世界史を学ぼうと思ったのはそのことにも起因しています。ああいうのも結局(イラン・イラク戦争にせよ:他の中東戦争にせよ)昔の植民地支配(大体は英国です)が元となっているのですから、他の国を巻き込まずに、当事者だった国のみで解決すればいいのになあとは思う次第です。タイ王国も日本も、仏教を信じる方が沢山いる国です。イスラム教とキリスト教の戦いの中、どちらに与することもせず、国際社会(世界)に対して訴えられることは多くあると思います。私はキリスト教もイスラム教も同等に見ています。人口に膾炙した宗教にはやはりそれなりの理由はあるでしょう。異端なものが何十億の人間の心を何千年もの間「掴む」とは思えないです。仏教徒だからこそ出来る事は本当に数多いのだろうと思います。