We are the Citizens of the World!

What I want to do in Asia / Africa (Now I am in South East Asian Nations)

1. Skype / LINE similar communication tools development overwhelm all over the world.
2. Prevail the abacus (especially brain abacus) in Asia / Africa to enhance right brain.
3. All the street children should be wiped out from the countries in Asia / Africa. (Drug abuse should be banned)
4. Rookery (Slum Street) should be destroyed from all over the world.
5. Improvement of the educational system including Information Technologies, Business Attitudes, Manners, Moralities
6. Enrichment of the Infrastructure of Information Technologies (Hardware)
7. Establishing CAD related educational schools in order the poor to become rich by using 3D printers around the globe
8. Establishing World Wide “Smart” Hospitals in Asia and Africa which can cure a lot of people, physically and mentally
9. The Philippines to become the richest country in the world
10. The pursuit of “BEAUTY”. Mathematical beauty, Beauty in Philosophy, Beauty in body and brain, Beauty in the system of the Government.
11. All the component of material should be not integral one, Rather, Modulo forms are beautiful.
12. Summer camp seminar to the gifted, excellent pupils and students in Asia (Wing: Gifted children for Asians)
13, Summer camp seminar program in Asia that reeducates top-class human resources of science and technology course as entrepreneur (Wing: iFEST Program Japan)
14. Contributes to Africa the supplements that doe’t require water, and even Muslims can take it. (Wing: Fountain of Africa) – AGEL or Monavie is/are great.
15. Educational campaign of open source software in Asia Africa. Support to an Europe and America open source group from Asia (Wing: open source initiative)
16. Aim for other NPOs, Foundations, Charities, etc. (Wing: Global Charity Network)
17. Other various businesses (Wing: object for industrial corporation tax)