[PROPOSAL] Ruby and Rails to become Apache Incubator Project

Subject: Ruby and Rails to become Apache Incubator Project

Hello apache folk (Glen),

CC: Ask Bjorn Hansen, Jim Jagielski, Ken Coar

I am talking with Mr. Yukihiro Matsumoto who is a famous and a
founder of Ruby Project, living in Japan (Japanese person)

I am suggesting him to promote “Ruby” and Rails projects to
Apache Software Foundation Incubator project (I think soon
they will become Top Level Projects). They need money of the 
ASF, I am sure.


Tetsuya Kitahata (ex tetsuya@apache.org) from Japan

# You can forward this e-mail to board@apache and members@apache and
Apache Incubator PMC


Tetsuya Kitahata <kitahata@99.alumni.u-tokyo.ac.jp> wrote:

> Also, I would like to Donate (Become Sponsor of Perl Software Foundation)
> How can I? > Ask Bjorn Hansen

> Jim, I wanna become a sponsor of ASF. (100000USD) and want the ASF
> to establish the ASF Japan. What do you think?
> (and Ken Coar)

> — Tetsuya Kitahata. (kitahata@99.alumni.u-tokyo.ac.jp)
> From Japan With Love 🙂