Wings over Asia Africa (NPO法人 アジア・アフリカの翼)



Wings over Asia Africa
Establishment of Non Profit Organization (Not yet established as of August 2014 because of the short of MONEY)

–Tetsuya Kitahata

1) Summer camp seminar to the gifted, excellent pupils and students in Asia (Wing: Gifted children for Asians)
2) Summer camp seminar program in Asia that reeducates top-class human resources of science and technology course as entrepreneur (Wing: iFEST Program Japan)
3) Contributes to Africa the supplements that doe’t require water, and even Muslims can take it. (Wing: Fountain of Africa)
4) Educational campaign of open source software in Asia Africa. Support to an Europe and America open source group from Asia (Wing: open source initiative)
5) Aim for other NPOs, Foundations, Charities, etc. (Wing: Global Charity Network)
6) Other various businesses (Wing: object for industrial corporation tax)

Wing: 1) “Gifted children for Asians”

Most of the world’s population exists in Asia. All the people feel it though the domination of Europe and America has been exaggerated by a historical flow,but now it is an age of Asia.
It is needless to say to have accomplished high economic growth because of the consumerism culture of the European and American style. Moreover, economical development in Japan was brought by big advancement of the science and technology, and the richness of daily life that we are receiving is also a result of the development of the science and technology. However, what we have lost as compensation for the beneficence by various sciences is abundant. It is environment, ecosystem, etc. and various a lot of other problems etc.

“The mistake by the science can be cured only in the science and morality.”

With the one sentence written above, our mission comes to develop the talented (The Gifted) and to promote talented who bears the science of the entire world of the future in Asia by installing the chance to touch a part of the scientific inquiry directly exceeding the frame of the school training for a person who has zest for the science and an excellent nature among the child, the pupil, and the student who has received the current school education. It is clear that this is greatly useful for the promotion of the science of Asia and the world. Moreover, it is thought that the enlightening activity and the moral instruction to deepen recognition to the science widely can be executed, and it contribute to the promotion of the science of Asia and the world surely in various places. Up to now, the wing of the foundation mathematical principle science promotion association that the Dr. HIRONAKA HEISUKE tries the chief director and the specific non-profit-making corporation mathematical principle has executed “Suuri no Tsubasa – Summer Seminar of the Mathematical Science, Wings of Science” in Japan for the achievement of this target every year and the frequency came to exceed 30 times.
Moreover, the participant’s total also exceeding 2,000 people, and they are taking active part in various fields of the science in Japan and overseas.
Therefore, we try to expand view to Asia, to make “Suuri no Tsubasa – Summer Seminar of the Mathematical Science, Wings of Science” take root in Asian whole land, and found “Gifted child of Wing of Asia” (fund for leader of the next generation who has talented to become champion and to make enlightened base) which non-profit-corporation to contribute to the development of “New and science” that reform “Mistake that the science violated”, and to contribute to the society.
The purpose of the activity is to do the promotion to child, pupil, and student who interested in the science as human resource who bears the next generation. Moreover,in relation to it, the proposal and the enlightening activity concerning the science are widely done to the many unspecified citizens and groups, etc. and it contributes to the improvement of public interest such as Social Education,Child’s health promotion, Moral instruction etc.. Especially, it is the one of the biggest purposes to execute “Suuri no Tsubasa – Summer Seminar of the Mathematical Science, Wings of Science” other than Japan to leaders in each country for the next term continuously.

Non Profit Organization: Wings over Asia Africa
“Gifted children for Asians”
Establishment representative Tetsuya Kitahata

Wing: 2) “iFEST Program JAPAN” :
– International Foundation for Entrepreneur – Science and Technology –


iFEST exists to cultivate the next generation of world-class knowledge entrepreneurs, cooperating across international borders to expand economic opportunities and to find solutions to global challenges. iFEST is a recently established non-profit institution based in the US, recognized under Internal Revenue code 501(c)3.: iFEST – International Foundation for Entrepreneur – Science and Technology


We live in a time when the world has become subject to rapidly increasing globalization and technological change. Yet within most US schools, universities, public policy and other institutions, connections to international economic and technological communities are lacking or absent. Existing connections do not provide enough transnational opportunities for young people to gain the knowledge, skills, contacts, and entrepreneurial learning experiences needed to navigate their careers, and in the process build the next generation of innovation and growth for their communities and their nations. In the American case, foreign language skills and practical knowledge of the larger world outside the US has declined dramatically at the grass roots. This lack of understanding and eroding common ground between the US and other nations has already had enormous consequences. Needed is an organization that can rally all the public and private stakeholder behind the goal of creating new opportunities for career relevant collaboration and mentoring for young people, and thereby broaden the base of support for free enterprise and international cooperation around the world. iFEST is that organization.
iFEST is unique. No other public or private institution exists that focuses on working in an integrated transnational manner with partners in business, academia, philanthropy, and government toward nurturing the innovative start-up development capacity of the rising generation of young people, in preparation for global economic realities.


iFEST will stimulate a more robust transnational innovation and entrepreneurship community through a number of programs that include:
Cultivating the next generation of global science and engineering entrepreneurs via International Innovation Camps bringing students and mentors together from around the world for cooperative hands-on technical learning in the laboratory and field, integrated with entrepreneurial coursework and enterprise development;
Organizing a global community of angel investors, mentors, and students through an International Angel and Mentor Network (iAMNet), to learn from each other and co-invest in student projects from the Innovation Camps and other programs;
Promoting transnational management training and entrepreneurial talent development through iFEST Residential Workshops and Fellowship Programs in an overseas industrial setting;
Increasing international dialogue through high level policymaker exchanges, via the iFEST Legislators’ Innovation Policy Exchange Program (LIPEP) for members of Congress and staff to meet with their foreign peers in overseas study retreats to jointly explore the policy prerequisites for innovation and free enterprise; and
Assessing new needs and priorities through surveys, and analytical research relevant to public policy-making and private sector investment decisions.


iFEST advisors include Sundeep Dugar (Sphaera & formerly J&J Pharmaceuticals), Yuan Youxin (National Natural Science Foundation of China), Sunil Paul (Spring Ventures, Brightmail & Freeloader), Nadeem Ahmed (Google), Jack Fensterstock (Phoenix Associates & China Capital Corp.), Sadiq Ahamed (Incture & formerly Dell), Gordon Flake (Mansfield Foundation), Mariana Bosezan (SageEra), Harvey Scott (Rolls-Royce), Robert Chernow (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute & formerly Kauffman Foundation), Richard Dasher (Stanford University), Andy Hargadon (UC Davis), Susan Sclafani (Chartwell Group & formerly US Department of Education), Rao Buddhavarapu (ObjectOne Information Systems), Ryan Wilson (X Prize Foundation), Ann Korando (BBF&K Consulting), and Guillermo Sohnlein (Fortivo).

February 09, 2010
Non Profit Organization: Wings over Asia Africa
“iFEST Program JAPAN (International Foundation for entrepreneur – Science and Technology)”
Establishment representative Tetsuya Kitahata

Wing: 3) “Fountain in Africa”

The message from the donor etc. are translated into three languages (English, French, and the Arabia language) for the refugee camp in Africa. Moreover, it aims the supply of the supplement that even Muslim can take it with the transport aircraft to pinpoint mainly. Considering of a geographic situation of Africa, “Portability”,”Convenience”, and ” Needless of water” are necessary for this supplement.
We use “AGEL, INC.” Products in order to establish these tasks above.

February 09, 2010
Non Profit Organization: Wings over Asia Africa
“Fountain in Africa”
Establishment representative Tetsuya Kitahata

Wing: 4) “Open source initiative”

At present, we who exist in the highly-networked information society are shifting from propriety (state that only a certain group is owned software and managed) to open source (It is indicated the source code,and patch/correction is prepared if there is a necessity.) However, most of the group of open source is Europe and America, and open source from Asia including Japan is very little in the past like Ruby etc. Moreover, when Japanese firm and the enterprise in Asia support and sponsor(invest) the group in Europe and America, a tax favor cannot be received.

Our main purpose makes open source from Asia take root all over the world more deeply and, the sponsor support to groups other than Japan is facilitated, and it contributes to the development of all open source.

February 09, 2010
Non Profit Organization: Wings over Asia Africa
“Open source initiative”
Establishment representative Tetsuya Kitahata

Wing: 5) “Global Charity Network”

Due to the current major economic downturn, charities, foundations, and other organizations are facing major new challenges in their fundraising efforts. Partially as a result of this, the relatively new strategy of raising funds through “embedded giving” is rapidly gaining favor.

Due to the current status of our economy, charities, foundations, and other other non-profit organizations are being increasingly challenged in their fundraising efforts. A further impediment is President Barack Obama’s recently announced $3.6 trillion budget that calls for reducing significantly the maximal tax deduction for Americans who make charitable contributions.
Historically, for example, Americans have been entitled to deduct from their taxable income the donations they make to government-approved charitable organizations. This deduction has been applied at the highest marginal rate paid by the taxpayer. Taxpayers in the highest tax bracket, for example, have been able to write off 35% of their charitable contributions.

In the new legislation, the charitable deduction would be capped at a 25% rate, significantly reducing the total tax write-off. According to some projections, this new taxation plan will result in an annual reduction in overall donations of up to $5 billion.

Our new challenges is that a relatively new approach to fundraising has been gaining favor. It’s commonly known as “embedded giving,” which can be generally defined as a form of charitable donation that is built into a larger, unrelated financial transaction.

February 09, 2010
Non Profit Organization: Wings over Asia Africa
“Global Charity Network”
Establishment representative Tetsuya Kitahata



Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 16:14:15 +0900
From: Tetsuya Kitahata <>

NPO法人 アジア・アフリカの翼

1) アジアにおける優秀な生徒・学生に対するサマーキャンプ
2) アジアにおける、科学技術系の優秀な人材をアントレプレナーとして
再教育するサマーキャンププログラム(iFEST Program Japan)
3) イスラム教でも摂取可能で水のいらないサプリメントをアフリカに寄与
4) オープンソースソフトウェアのアジア・アフリカにおける啓蒙活動
5) その他各種事業(事業法人税対象)


1) 「アジアの翼ギフテッドチャイルド」




の翼セミナー」を実施してきており、その回数は 30 回を超えるまでになった。
また、その参加者の総計も2,000 名を超え、科学の様々な分野で活躍している。

の発展に寄与するべく、非営利法人 アジアの翼ギフテッドチャイルド

平成 22 年 02 月 09 日
非営利法人 アジア・アフリカの翼
設立代表者 北畠 徹也


2)「iFEST JAPAN」(iFEST の日本における窓口)


iFEST は、国境を越えた協力体制に基づいて経済的機会を拡大し、グローバル
育成するものである。発足して間もないiFEST は、米国に本拠地を構え、
国税収入局の規約501(c)3 により認可される非営利機関である。

International Foundation for Entrepreneurship Science and Technology

国際協力体制を支援することのできる組織であり、それが、iFEST である。



iFEST は、次のプログラム内容例を通し、国境を超えた強固な革新・起業家
・ 各国の学生や指導者を集め、国際的なイノベーション・キャンプを開催し、
・ 国際的なエンジェル&指導者ネットワーク(iAMNet)を組織し、エンジェル
・ iFEST の海外産業環境滞在ワークショップや研究員プログラムを通じた、
・ 世論調査や、公共政策・民間セクターの投資決定に関連する分析的研究を通じ



iFEST は、次の方々のご支援を戴いている(敬称省略)。
SundeepDugar (Sphaera 、旧J&J Pharmaceuticals)、
Yuan Youxin (中国国家自然科学基金委員会)
Sunil Paul (Spring Ventures, Brightmail & Freeloader)
Nadeem Ahmed (Google)、Mariana Bosezan (SageEra)
Jack Fensterstock (Phoenix Associates & China Capital Corp.)
Sadiq Ahamed (Incture、旧Dell)、Harvey Scott (Rolls-Royce)
Gordon Flake (Mansfield Foundation)、Andy Hargadon (UC Davis)
Robert Chernow (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute、旧Kauffman Foundation)
Richard Dasher (スタンフォード大学)、Ryan Wilson (X Prize Foundation)
Susan Sclafani (Chartwell Group、旧米教育省)
Rao Buddhavarapu (ObjectOne Information Systems)
Ann Korando (BBF&K Consulting)、 Guillermo Sohnlein (Fortivo)

平成 22 年 02 月 09 日
非営利法人 アジア・アフリカの翼
設立代表者 北畠 徹也


3) 「アフリカの泉」


平成 22 年 02 月 09 日
非営利法人 アジア・アフリカの翼
設立代表者 北畠 徹也


4) 「オープンソース・イニシアティヴ」



平成 22 年 02 月 09 日
非営利法人 アジア・アフリカの翼
設立代表者 北畠 徹也


正会員 1口 20,000円/年間
賛助会員 1口 10,000円/年間
個人会員 1口 5,000円/年間