Random Thoughts 07th Oct. 2011 Vol.1 (Japanese)

#Random #Thoughts #ja_JP #20111007

1. 64Bit Native Filer (File Visor 7) Installed / Filer = like Explorer
2. 64Bit Native TortoiseSVN Installed
3. Installed Call Centre Series. PamFAX, etc. renewed. (Thanks, @Dick )
4. Setup my printer as normal
5. Long time missed 1 TB Outer HDD recovered
6. Found out How to User Skype on iPhone. (Imported most of the phone lists to skype!!)
7. Got Hong Kong telephone number :)
8. Noticed How to Synchronize the posts of G+ and my blogs
9. Room Cleaned UP (lol)

64ビットネイティブのものを沢山さがしています。やっぱりパワーが違う。Chrome が Linux 版はNativeがあるとは聞いているけど・・いつになtったらWindows版が出るんだろう。楽しみ!
個人的には、SkypeやBeckyが早く64bit Nativeを出してほしいと思う。あ、MIFESもか。