SC UniPad – The Unicode Plain Text Editor

It was very nice for me to find “SC UniPad”. I had been wondering how to deal with Cyrillics using keyboard (Should I buy another keyboard merely for the input of Cyrillic letters?). “SC UniPad” provides virtual keyboards.

The wonderful thing is — UniPad is also able to convert Unicode characters into XML character reference, easily.
e.g. Меня зовут Тэцуя. (Меня зо вут Тэцуя.)
e.g. किताहाता तेतुया (किताहात ा तेतुया)

— ah, plus UniPad can convert them into UCN (\u…). Java engineers who should deal with “Resource Bundles” can reap the maximum fruit from it.
e.g. ىيتاﺦاثا (\u0649\u064a\u062a\u0627\ufea6\u0627\u062b\u0627)

I learned Russian/Hindi/Arabic etc… @ the university (more than 10 years ago). Perhaps, I will remember them.


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