IQ Test

… challenge! 🙂



貴方にぴったりの職業は、コンサルタント・企業経営者 です。

・・・だそうです。(はい、確かにその職業です ^^;)





貴方にぴったりの職業は、「どんな仕事でも満足できないでしょう」 です。




It would be interesting to read this.

MSDN Subscription – activated

MSDN Subscription – activated

I activated my MSDN Subscription account, again. I had been a member of MSDN Universal for three years (paid US$6,000 or more for it! year 2000 – 2003), and had left because I’d completely lost my motivation to work for information technology for the last three years.

Still expensive! – oldie but goodie

Fortune 1000 Web Sites

… Really?

Google Sitemaps

Great! By using this, perhaps I will never be annoyed by “GOOGLE BOT ATTACKS” — I’d upgraded my web server several times ($350/month now! — structural/cumulative fiscal deficit!) because I have had so many bots coming.

Relieved. 🙂

JavaOne Tokyo 2005 (15 – 17, November)


I will attend the ApacheCon EU 2005 (in Germany, July 20-22, 2005).

Plus, go to chicago in order to participate in another conference at Illinois, USA (August 17-21, 2005 — plus summer vacation)

Journey– 🙂

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