Ciphire Mail

Ciphire Mail というサービスの案内が来た。

案内と言うか招待か。 は一応 “non-profit organization” だから 招待されたってのもあるんだろ~な。 。。。って勝手に思ったら、そもそもこの 「Email Encryption」技術の作者(彼はドイツ?スイス?)からの invitation でもあったのか……(^^;
#あ~、俺むかし のインフラチームに結構 PKI 関連 の 技術



Hello Tetsuya,

**** invites you to try out Ciphire Mail.
It protects you from identity theft and secures
your email from hackers. Ciphire Mail is free for
consumers and non-profit organizations.

Ciphire Mail works invisibly in the background
– much like an antivirus scanner – and does not
alter your normal emailing routines. The current
beta version has been tested and approved by a
team of international security experts.

Since we are sharing Ciphire Mail by invitation
only, access to the Web site requires a user name
and password. Your’s is listed below.

Web site:
User: Password:

Enjoy the security!

Warm regards,

Your Ciphire Team, on behalf of ****

Ciphire Labs

Ciphire (= cipher ?) … German word?


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