Ciphire Mail

Ciphire Mail というサービスの案内が来た。

案内と言うか招待か。 は一応 “non-profit organization” だから 招待されたってのもあるんだろ~な。 。。。って勝手に思ったら、そもそもこの 「Email Encryption」技術の作者(彼はドイツ?スイス?)からの invitation でもあったのか……(^^;
#あ~、俺むかし のインフラチームに結構 PKI 関連 の 技術



Hello Tetsuya,

**** invites you to try out Ciphire Mail.
It protects you from identity theft and secures
your email from hackers. Ciphire Mail is free for
consumers and non-profit organizations.

Ciphire Mail works invisibly in the background
– much like an antivirus scanner – and does not
alter your normal emailing routines. The current
beta version has been tested and approved by a
team of international security experts.

Since we are sharing Ciphire Mail by invitation
only, access to the Web site requires a user name
and password. Your’s is listed below.

Web site:
User: Password:

Enjoy the security!

Warm regards,

Your Ciphire Team, on behalf of ****

Ciphire Labs

Ciphire (= cipher ?) … German word?



MT-ScodeCAPTCHA plugin も必要?

Dragon Quest VIII

Now, I am playing the *most* famous R.P.G. series (in Japan), namely “DRAGON QUEST VIII”. This title is perhaps not popular in other countries (“Dragon Warrior” is rather popular?).

It is remarkable that Dragon Quest VIII is so much “Final-Fantasialized”, perhaps because of the merge of ENIX, Inc. and SQUARE, Inc.. However, the fondly-remembered back ground music brought me back to the memories of Dragon Quest I, II, III …. when I was in the elementary school.

I am sure that millions of the Japanese are also now staying up all night for playing “*THE* R.P.G.” 🙂