Apache XML-Graphics

Cheers, to “FOP@x.a.o.” and “Batik@x.a.o.” developers! Now I have the “statement” by the chair of a.o.:

The Apache XML Graphics Project was approved, with Jeremias Maerki as its Chair. This new project will be picking up responsibility for FOP and Batik from the Apache XML Project.

Now — I have a question. Why did you guys — decide to form new T.L.P. (top level project in a.o.) without Apache POI? POI is … “Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files” which has very nice APIs to control MS *** formats. It *could* form “XML-Formats” with batik and FOP! (PERHAPS!)

Personally, I feel it very sorry that the young Javanese (talented) developer in Apache POI shifted his activities into JBoss … the spillage of a.o.. — sorry to see the fact, he is/was very talented nice guy — I believe it that he can *perform* more in jboss world! (especially, in SMTP/POP related area? 🙂 — hope the day to come that beta to become product release)



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