Apache Cocoon

I am soooo sorry to confess it that “Apache Cocoon” is * far from * famous in our country, namely in Japan. You can *google.co.jp* it, so as to guess what I mean 🙂

I know and believe it that Apache Cocoon has *very* healthy developers’ community … and this project yielded ^^; very nice board member of the a.o.. — but at least in our country, this product is less popular than POI in fact.

How do you use cocoon? — how can we have nice documents in japanese? where can I find the “cocoon based” hosting service — hopeless (Where can I find “TOMCAT” based hosting service in japan? — — hopeless, as well). Really is cocoon internationalized?

We, still, believe it that CoCoon is the famous product produced by Sony 🙂

Perhaps, it is very *nice* product … and I love “forrest” as well. — but people can not aware the superiority of this product, in case people would not use this in this country. == the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg ==




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