IMHO: japanese developers in open source

そういえば、こんなのを去年書いた事があった。埃をかぶってたが(笑)。引用は、ステファノ氏の質問。なんか、もうひとりのボードメンバ(Apache XML なほうのオランダ人の彼 – Dirk Willem van Gulik)がやけに関心をもっていたといってた。

> Let me ask you something: a few years ago, the ASF members had a
> discussion about the fact that despise the good english and technical
> skills, there were no many active japanese developers in open source.
> Somebody identified the problem in the japanese culture that makes it
> hard for a person to stand up in front of somebody who he recognizes as
> a higher ranked person and just plain say what he says.
> it goes along with your question on what makes lurkers speak up.
> What is your vision on this? I’m very interested in hearing from a
> japanese directly.



  1. Most of the Japanese men/women had been taught that “Stand out from the crowd and you just invite trouble for yourself.”, so they tend to lose their motivation to get involved in the opensource communities actively.
  2. Most of the Japanese men/women feel their English skills are very poor. This is due to the “bad” English educations in the junior-high and high school. Especially, (me too) they are not getting used to the spoken English. (But, in my opinion, English used by the Japanese are relatively correct in grammatical) Japanese guys had been measured by the grammatical accuracies in their “TESTS”.
  3. Japanese companies do not encourage their employees to get involved into the opensource communities (Intellectual properties issues etc.). Just use the products produced by the opensource communities.
  4. They tend to do for theirselves. Not in dev communities. And they form the users’ communities. I know a lot of “free software”s which once were developed by the indivisuals and they deserve to be known more openly, widely. The Mail Client (Becky! 2), my favorite, is one of them. (Now this is distributed by a company ..
  5. They are too busy for getting the money in order to live in the high-level, expensive land prices (Japan), therefore they do not have much time to get involved in the opensource communities actively.
  6. Most of them are too shy (disposition) to communicate with the guys in foreign countries. If they have come to think the “barriar” was actually too low, I am sure they might participate willingly.

Are these above answered to your questions?





「Plus: Japanese companies use the method of scoring by deducting points not by adding points, when judging the successors and measuring the employees’ wages. This is a big problem that the Japan-Society has. (Probably this is one of the problems which can be spotlighted when talking about the japanese developers in opensource projects」





日本人は、「Political Games」をあまり好まない。海外には好むものがとりあえず多い・・この違い。voting なんて所詮ゲーム。かけひき。



    1. XXの議題につき Europeans でチームを組む


    1. 日本人(や韓国・中国・オーストラリア etc.)やアメリカ人が「休んでいる」時間(時差に注意)に、口をあわせていっせいにメーリングリストに「vote」を流す。しかも、Closed Mailinglistで秘密裡に行ってみようとする


    1. 5 – 10 minutes で 3 つの +1 VOTE 票を集める(周囲には、「おお、このVOTEは正しい」と思わせるわけだな … 3 – 4 人の賛成がある状態で「-1」を言うのは勇気がいる事だから・・・囚人のぢれんま)


    1. XXの実行にうつす


こんなの、オンラインだったら簡単な芸よ。秘密裡のIRCと組み合わせればもっと効率的かな。Closed Mailing Lists が多くなれば多くなるほど、こういった「Political Games」はおこりやすい。







「Fuck! You are touching a nerve here! The opensource world works *exactly* the opposite: you *earn* points when you make mistakes and you publicly apologize. (because we know you will make mistakes, otherwise how do you learn?) This “covering my ass to show I don’t make mistakes” attitude is strongly disliked in healthy communities. if the japanese society works the other way around, it will be impossible for them to earn points because they will do everything to prevent them to show the mistakes they make. Which will result in being ignored, another thing that would scare them away because they don’t know that teh values are reversed! Wow, I have to take notes on this. This is really important.」


ビデオゲームを作るのは得意でも、ゲームに勝つ事が得意ではない、決められたルール内でゲームする事を楽しめない、といったところだろうか。僕も考えてみれば結構「石橋をたたいて」的にやってしまった側面が強い。「Closed Mailing List である members@apache のアーカイブがみられることになるけど、apmail 権限くれるの?」なんてブライアン氏に聞くべきじゃなかった。「やっぱさっきのofferは無かった事にしてくれ」って言われたわけだしなぁ~。彼が、「Tetsuyaはqmailのことを理解していると思うからapmail権限はどう?」とオファーをくれた時に、「sure」と言うべきだったんだよ、ルールの<瑕疵>なんて無視して・・・・今更ながら、「石橋をたたかなければよかった」と強く後悔。「ルールの瑕疵 (concealed defects in the rules of the GAMEs) はしらんぷりしとけ」が鉄則だな・・・(でも、OSS Products の瑕疵には PATCH をあてろ? …. 抱腹絶倒系な矛盾だな(^_^))・・・人生の良い教訓だze、ちくしょう

Five countries send 99 percent of spam

The analysis also brought to the fore the fact that most spam is written in English, with only 5.77 percent in other languages.

This tells us that the current mail server settings in (blocking mails written in multi-byte chars) would be utterly nonsense.